Forev Appoints Charging Technology and Service Partner to Support its Developing Scottish Network

1st September 2019 12:00 pm

Scottish-based EV charging infrastructure provider, Forev has agreed a new programme with SWARCO eVolt to provide the technology and service support to help Forev create a network of fast/rapid EV chargers throughout Scotland.

Forev is a new business, led by Edinburgh businessman Lindsay Wallace, who is the CEO and founder. Lindsay is committed to making the Scottish EV dream a fully charged reality, and Forev’s aspiration is to own, operate and maintain a network of charging points that supports the accelerated adoption of EVs in the country and overcomes the hurdle of range anxiety. The business will only use 100% accredited clean energy.

Lindsay says that with more than 45% of the population in Scotland not having access to home charging, installing fast chargers on busy public sites is the best solution: “To deliver a viable charging infrastructure, we needed to find a technology partner with a broad range of charging points to meet different vehicle needs and whose hardware is already proven,” he explains.

“SWARCO eVolt gives us all of this and more. It has the largest share of the Scottish EV charging market and is highly regarded by the Energy Saving Trust and Transport Scotland, as well as existing EV owners. As well as providing the technology, SWARCO eVolt will also provide the service and maintenance support to guarantee a >98% uptime and use E.Connect, its back office operating system to monitor their equipment 24/7.”

SWARCO eVolt’s technology ranges from lamp post charging and 7kW AC chargers through to the dual outlet 22kW and 50kW chargers offered through the Forev network. It also includes 150kW+ rapid chargers to meet the need of a diverse range of EV cars, taxis, buses and larger vehicles.

Latest technology includes digital display screens (providing advertising and promotional opportunities as well as customer information) and contactless payment functionality, as well as a DC/AC controller and receiver solution – a cost-effective multiple charging solution enabling several charge points to be controlled by a single unit.

Justin Meyer, General Manager of SWARCO Evolt, says he is excited by the new agreement with Forev: “Lindsay and his experienced team have an exciting vision for the future and we are pleased to be playing our part in helping them achieve their ambition. Reliability is a key element of customer service and the customer experience, and the feedback from Scottish drivers to our technology is already exceptional.”

The Scottish Government committed to phasing out the need for fossil-fuelled cars in Scotland by 2032.