New Payment Provider

9th April 2024 11:29 am

From the 15th April, we will be moving from our current payment service provider GoCardless to Stripe, a platform designed to offer improved features and benefits, as our designated payment service provider. This will allow you to pay as you complete a charge and no longer be required to pay on a monthly basis.

Early update (From 9th April)

For a seamless process, we offer the opportunity to update your payment details prior to the transition on Monday 15th April. Your online account view will update on the 9th April, allowing you to set up your Stripe payment details with us in advance.
– Login to your account on the E.Connect Website
– Navigate to the payment section of your account 
– Select button as shown below to insert details onto Stripe.

On the date of transition (15th April): 

At this date, we will generate an invoice for transactions prior to the 15th of April and submit it via GoCardless. This will be your final invoice on this platform. 

After that, we will unlink the existing GoCardless accounts and future payments will be taken via Stripe.

Late update of payment details: 

If you haven’t updated your bank details by the 15th of April, you will be blocked from charging on our infrastructure via the mobile app and RFID card. In this case, please follow the above process to unblock your account. 

Key Benefits of Transitioning to Stripe: 

  • Efficiency: Swift and streamlined payment processing for a more efficient experience. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: An interface designed for ease of use, ensuring a smoother payment experience. This is offering the ability for instant payment using methods such as card payments, google pay and apple pay.  
  • Users will now have the ability to move from a direct debit mandate, to a pay now offering.  
  • Enhanced Security: Industry-leading security measures to safeguard financial information. 


Q. What will happen if I do not set up my bank details into Stripe?

A. If you currently activate a charging session by using the mobile app or RFID card and pay via direct debit mandate and you do not update your payment details by the 15th April, you will be blocked from using the network.

Q. What if I do not want to set up my details into Stripe?

A. If you don´t want to set up a Stripe account, SWARCO E.Connect offers a variety of other payment options such as Webpay or direct Contactless payments where enabled.

Q. Can I continue to pay by a direct debit mandate and be charged month in arrears?

A. Unless you are a fleet account or a charge point owner, all drivers will pay as they charge (similarly to paying via using contactless bank payment)

Q. Will I see my session on my account straight away?

A. Once the session is completed this will show on your account.