Technology and Smarter Charging Solutions Key To Mass Adoption of Electric Vehicles Says eVolt

18th July 2019 3:34 pm

Increase in on-street parking facilities will also be crucial says Justin Meyer


Smarter technology, and more intelligent charging solutions, are essential for the mass take-up of electrical vehicles according to one industry expert.

Speaking to BBC News, Justin Meyer, General Manager at SWARCO eVolt said that complementing technologies such as energy storage with smarter charging solutions with intelligent functionality will play a key role in the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

He also said that on-street charging will be increasingly important: “There are a number of schemes that have been set up by central government, and a specific on-street residential charging scheme to cater for residents that do not have off-street parking. Although this is relatively new, we will see this network start to expand.

“At the moment, I think the majority of homeowners actually do have capacity to charge their vehicle, but it may well become more challenging when those homes move to multiple vehicles wanting to charge at the same facility.”

Justin said that the National Grid Future Energy Scenario papers make for very interesting reading: “They give guidance and comfort that we have sufficient power to support EV charging moving forward,” he explained. “What is going to be key to mass adoption is complementing technologies like energy storage and smarter charging solutions that offer intelligent load management functionality.”

During the interview, Justin also discussed the current demand for EV charging points and how the location of charging points is allocated and decided:

“As one of the early players in the market it has been fascinating and exciting for us to see EV charging infrastructure grow. We have now been appointed to set up charging networks for 91 councils across the UK, but more recently we have seen the private sector really start to realise that they need to do something and take action to provide charging services for their customers and staff.

“Part of our service involves engaging with those individuals from local authorities who are overseeing the electric vehicle charging funding and providing them with support and guidance as to where we think those charging points should be installed, but actually most importantly what type of specification is best suited for that specific location. We are also supporting private businesses in the same way.”